The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) requires all political donations, gifts-in-kind and fundraising contributions of $1,000 or more to be disclosed within 7 business days by both the donor and the recipient. The reporting threshold of $1,000 is a cumulative total.

Your name and address is required; anonymous and overseas donations are not allowed. Political donations made in a personal capacity are tax deductible up to a certain threshold. Check the ATO website for more information.

Under the Electoral Act 1992 (Queensland) political donations from property developers are prohibited. Further information is available on the ECQ website.

It is an offense to make political donations totaling to more than $4,000 for State Campaign purposes to ALP Queensland and more than $6,000 (in total) to ALP Queensland’s endorsed candidates between 1 July 2022 and 25 November 2024. You may request a refund if you believe that you have exceeded the $4,000 cap for the Party and/or $6,000 cap for the Candidates. Alternatively, we may refund you the excess amount within six weeks to avoid breaching the donation cap laws.